We are a Jesus church. An Army of His followers connected by our common faith and a strong desire to liberate the world through His power and Word.

We know it can be super intimidating when you go to a new place or meet new people. We want to help make sure your experience at Fountain Of Liberty Embassy Church is beautiful.


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Bupe School, Kanyama

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+260 97 6399782

Service Times

Sun : 08:30 and Wed : 16:00


We gather each Sunday and there is a spot for everyone of all ages to join us for church. Read below to learn more about what to expect at Fountain of Liberty Embassy Church

We want you to come just as you are. We are here for you, no matter how you’re dressed. So wear whatever you like because there is no dress code. Most people wear whatever makes them comfortable. That usually changes from week to week depending on the weather, and some people like to dress up for special holidays. But as long as you are wearing clothes, we are happy.

We never ask anyone to give but if you want to, you are welcome to do so. Because God has given us everything in Christ, many people want to give and help support our church. So we provide a time during the service for them to do so. However, no one is ever pressured to give because the good news is ALWAYS a free gift. We just want you to come and receive what God gives.

We want you to feel welcome at Fountain Of Liberty Embassy Church. You’ll never be asked to stand up, identify yourself, do the hokey-pokey, or anything else that might make you feel uncomfortable.

After a warm welcome, we start off with some singing and some praying to express our thanks. If you have been in church before, you may recognize some of the music. If you only go to church on Christmas and Easter, you will hear that same good news in the music every time we gather. You will also hear a teaching/preaching(Sermon) from the Bible, exercise spiritual gifts (e.g. praying for the sick, prophesying etc.), give our offerings, give announcement if any and we will take Communion together on the first Sunday of every month.

Yes. We love you AND we love your children. Jesus wanted all of the children to come to Him and we feel the same way about your kids. Our hope is that your young ones will sing and pray right along with the rest of us. Before the sermon starts, we offer an opportunity for any child to join in with our Sons & Daughters gathering. But all children are welcome to stay in the service.

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